How can we help you?

Withdraw Money

You may request to withdraw available funds in your iJobDesk Account immediately.

To withdraw available funds:

  • Go to the [Accounts] / [Withdraw Money].
  • Click the [Get Paid Now] button at the top
  • Choose the amount to withdraw and click the [Get Paid Now] button

Set Up a Payment Method

You must set up at least one payment method to withdraw funds from your iJobDesk Account.

You can choose the best payment method for you to withdraw. Please input accurate entry of your account number(s) and details to withdraw successfully.

  • Go to the [Accounts] / [Settings] / [Payment Methods].
  • Click [Add a Payment Method] button.
  • Choose a payment method you want to add and enter the info required.
  • For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three days

You can remove the payment method anytime.