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Weekly Billing Summary

Your weekly billing summary includes all your charges from the past week. It has 3 sections: Timesheets for hourly contracts, Milestone Payments for fixed-price contracts, and all Other Payments (like bonuses).

Timesheets for hourly contracts

Timesheets for hourly contracts are billed automatically each Monday at 00:00 UTC.

This means your account will be charged each Monday for the previous week’s work. Automatic billing includes the hours in your freelancers’ Work Diaries.

If you have a problem with this Timesheet or Work Diary, you may file a dispute on the contract detail page from the time you are billed on Monday until Wednesday at 23:59 UTC.

Milestone Payments for fixed-price contracts

You can break a fixed-price contract into smaller milestones for easier billing and management.

You’ll describe each of these milestones so that it is clear what the freelancer must deliver to earn payment for that milestone. And you fund the current milestone into iJobDesk Escrow so that the freelancer knows their payment is secure and ready to be released when the work is completed.

You may create as many milestones as you need. You can check the milestone deliverables and release funds when you are 100% satisfied with the deliverables.

Other Payments

When you make payments to your freelancers such as bonuses or manual payments, it will appear in this section.