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Violations and Account Holds

You are expected to comply with all iJobDesk Terms and Conditions and the failure to do so can result in account holds. Account holds lead to account interruptions, and consequences could include the inability to continue working on iJobDesk and the loss of your hard-earned reputation.

Here are the most common violations:

  • Payments off iJobDesk: Always make payment or receive payment through iJobDesk. In case a buyer proposes to pay you outside of iJobDesk or a freelancer asks you to pay outside of iJobDesk, decline and let us know.
  • Failing to perform on your contracts: When you accept a contract, you promise to complete the work and to deliver high-quality work on time. And you have to describe your business, skills ,and services you offer. In case you misrepresent them, it can result in low buyer satisfaction and payment disputes.
  • Contact information sharing: You keep contact information with potential buyers inside iJobDesk. In your freelancer profile, do not include your email, Skype ID, or links to any sites (such as your personal website, a third-party profile, etc.) that include a way to contact you outside of iJobDesk.

Account holds for any of these reasons will be counted and disqualify you from getting the high reputation.