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iJobDesk Payment Protection

iJobDesk Payment Protection helps give security and peace of mind to buyers and freelancers working together on projects.

For fixed-price contracts

When a buyer pays a freelancer for deliverables rather than by the hour, iJobDesk Fixed-Price Protection helps ensure that buyers get the work they’ve asked for and freelancers get paid for work they completed. Buyers will deposit a milestone payment into iJobDesk Escrow before work begins.

Upon receiving and approving the work, the funds in escrow will be released to the freelancer.

For hourly contracts

When a buyer pays a freelancer by the hour, iJobDesk doesn’t support Payment Protection at the moment.

Buyers should have funds enough in their iJobDesk Accounts to let your freelancers work on hourly contracts. In case the buyer has insufficient funds in their accounts, the freelancer will be notified every time the iJobDesk Desktop Application captures their activities.