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Set Visibility

Your profile visibility settings allow you to decide where and when buyers can see your profile.

When you change your visibility settings, it can take up to one day for the change to be viewable on the iJobDesk website and several days for the change to take effect with search engines.

In case you wish to avoid receiving invitations or offers, you can change your availability as Not Available.

To change your profile visibility:

  • Go to the Accounts menu, and then click [My Page] link.

Here come details of potential visibility options:

  • Public - Your profile will be visible to the public including buyers, freelancers, and visitors.
  • Only iJobDesk Users - Only logged-in iJobDesk users can find your profile and it’s hidden from search engines.
  • Private - Your profile will be hidden from the iJobDesk marketplace and search engines. Your profile will be accessible only through your proposals or contracts.