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Interview a Buyer

Invitations to Interview

You may receive invitations to interview for projects. A buyer can send a message to invite you to an interview asking you to discuss their job. Please respond to the invitations as soon as possible since it will affect your reputation.

You can accept or decline the invitations to interview.

To respond to an invitation:

  • Go to [Find Jobs] / [My Proposals].
  • In the [Invitations to Interview] section, click the job’s title.
  • Accept or decline the invitation.

Active Candidacies

Your active proposals that a buyer responds to and the proposals that are created by accepting invitations will be Active Candidacies. A Message Room will be created for an active candidacy so that you can discuss with the buyer. You can share your contact information and communicate with the buyer at this point. We suggest you use the iJobDesk Message Room, which will be integrated with the contract and accessible later on. Please learn more about the buyer and project in more detail before determining if you want to pursue a contract.

To send a message on an Active Candidacy:

  • Go to [Find Jobs] / [My Proposals].
  • In the Active Candidacies section, click the job’s title.
  • Click [Send Message] button to send messages to your buyer.
  • Write your message to the buyer and click the Send button.