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File a dispute for a Contract

If a buyer fails to release a milestone payment despite delivery of work, you can file a dispute.

To file a dispute on a contract:

  • Go to [Workroom] / [My Contracts] and locate the contract.
  • Click the title of the contract to get to the details page.
  • Click [File a Dispute] link in overview tab.
  • Give details to support your claim that the work is complete and payment due. Explain the situation so the dispute specialist understands your claim.
  • The agent will open a case with a dispute specialist to review your situation.

We encourage both parties to solve the problems themselves. If it is solved smoothly themselves, iJobDesk takes no action and the contract will be restarted.

If the buyer rejects the dispute, it enters arbitration. If your buyer fails to respond to your dispute within seven days, it will automatically be resolved in your favor and all funds will be released to you.

Both parties are required to add detailed information about the dispute, which the iJobDesk Dispute Specialist reviews and evaluates them. iJobDesk will carefully consider any information presented. When a dispute is awarded in your favor, we credit the funds to your iJobDesk account.