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Give Feedback to Buyers

When a contract ends, buyers usually leave you feedback as part of that process. As a freelancer, you also can leave feedback about your experience with the buyer. Both parties can leave feedback for a contract that the payments have been made through iJobDesk.

If the buyer ended the contract, you’ll have 14 days to leave feedback.

The feedback system is double-blind, which means that feedback won’t be visible until both parties provide it for each other. In case only one party leaves feedback, it will be posted after the 14-day period has expired.

To leave feedback for a buyer:

  • Go to [Workroom] / [My Contracts].
  • Locate the contract you are going to leave feedback in [Archive] tab.
  • Click [Leave Feedback] button to leave feedback.

Read Feedback from Buyers

Feedback for all projects that you worked and received at least $1 will appear on your freelancer profile for the public to see. It will help establish your reputation in the marketplace.

To read feedback from a Buyer:

  • Go to [Workroom] / [My Contracts].
  • Locate the contract in [Archive] Tab and click the title of the contract to get to the details page.
  • Click [Feedback] tab to read the feedback.