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End a Contract

Buyers usually end the contract and freelancers wait for it. Buyers will make the final payment on a fixed-price contract and leave feedback for you. However, you can end a contract if you wish.

All iJobDesk users have the freedom to end a contract at any time. But please talk to your buyer first because it is always best if everyone is aware of what’s going on.

Please note the following before you end a contract:

  • Your Work Diary for that contract will be locked immediately and you cannot make changes.
  • Both you and your buyer can leave feedback. The other user can’t see the feedback you left them until after they have left feedback for you.

To end a contract:

  • Go to [Workroom]/[My Contracts].
  • Locate the contract you want to end and click the contract.
  • Click [End / Cancel Contract] in overview tab.