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Set a Weekly Limit for an Hourly Contract

You can easily manage your budget by setting up a weekly limit on the number of hours a freelancer can bill. When you increase a freelancer’s weekly limit, the new limit takes effect immediately and hours already in your freelancer’s Work Diary will count against that limit for the current week.

If you decrease a weekly limit, it won’t take effect until the next work week (Monday at 00:00 UTC).

Hours in excess of the limit will not be billed. In case you approve the work beyond the weekly limit, you can make a bonus payment.

To change a freelancer’s weekly limit:

  • Go to [Workroom]/[My Contracts], locate the contract and click the contract.
  • In [Overview] tab, you can find [Change] link in [Weekly Limit].
  • Click [Change] link and change the weekly limit.