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Post a Job

When you need work done, please post a job in iJobDesk. Freelancers in iJobDesk can find the job posting, send proposals and you can interview them.

To post a job:

  • Go to [Hire Freelancers] menu, and click [Post a Project].

You will describe the job details and adjust the job settings.

What is important to post a job?

  • Scope - Please include as many details as possible for potential freelancers to understand what you need to be done exactly.
  • Project Type - Do you prefer to pay per hour (hourly jobs) or a set amount for the whole job (fixed-price jobs)? What is your budget?
  • Deadline - When does the work need to be done?
  • Funds - Please deposit funds in your account to start a contract.

What’s the difference between paying hourly vs. fixed-price?

  • Hourly contracts: You’ll be billed weekly, automatically, based on the verifiable hours your freelancer works. You can set up a limit for your freelancer on hours per week.
  • Fixed-price contracts: You’ll pay your freelancer as you receive the work. You may create milestones and make payments for each milestone when you receive deliverables and are 100% satisfied. You will deposit funds in Escrow at the beginning of a milestone or a contract.