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Pay for Fixed-Price Contracts

When you work with a freelancer on a fixed-price contract you need to make escrow deposits as the contract proceeds so that payments can be released to your freelancer when you accept and approve the deliverables.

Escrow deposits

When you make escrow deposits, the freelancer knows their payment is secure and ready to be released when the work is completed.

You can make escrow deposits when:

  • Hiring freelancer - When you submit an offer to a freelancer and create your first milestone.
  • Working - After you create milestones.

Release Funds

Please ensure you are 100% satisfied with work submitted for a milestone before releasing the payment to your freelancer. When funds are released to the freelancer, the system moves funds from Escrow to the freelancer account. If you are not satisfied with the work your freelancer submitted, please request changes by describing the changes needed in the Message Room.

Create another milestone (Optional)

If you have more work for your freelancer, you can keep the contract open and create another milestone.

You can make escrow deposits for the milestone immediately.

Give a bonus

You can give a bonus to your freelancer on the contract detail page.