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Getting Started as a Buyer

Getting started on iJobDesk is simple, and the easiest way to get the job done is to understand three phases: before hiring, hiring, and doing work.

Before hiring

  • Click the Sign up link on home page. On the sign up page, provide your name, email address, username and password. Read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Create an account by submitting and then confirm your email address.
  • Post a job (you may post an hourly job or a fixed-price job)


  • Evaluate the applications and shortlist those as you like.
  • You may also find qualified freelancers and invite them to the job you posted.
  • Interview your best applicants, and send an offer to hire the best.

Doing work

  • Have a kick-off meeting to establish ground rules on availability, timeline, communication, expectations, deliverables, etc.
  • Manage your project. Communicate with your freelancer regularly. Review work in progress regularly using the Work Diary for an hourly job, project milestone deliverables, and other reports.
  • Ensure that you have funds enough to make payments for hourly contracts. You cannot use Escrow Payment System for your hourly contracts. But you can use Escrow Payment System for your fixed-price contracts. You may fund in Escrow for milestones of a fixed-price contract before you start the contract. You will release funds in Escrow when you are 100% satisfied with the deliverables for a milestone of the fixed-price contract.

You are now ready to be a Buyer at!