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Get a Refund on a Contract

You have to contact your freelancer to request a refund. Freelancers can choose to give a refund for any contract for payments made.

If the refund causes the contract to generate less than $1.00 in total earnings, the contract won’t show on your work history (or on your freelancer’s) and any feedback will be removed. It can take up to 24 hours for both histories to reflect changes due to refunds.

Freelancers may only refund an amount that is less than or equal to what they earned on the contract.

To check any refunds that you have received, go to [Reports]/[Transactions].

If your freelancer refused your refund request or did not respond, please file a dispute. If we determine that your freelancer’s hours don’t qualify for the iJobDesk Payment Protection, the dispute will be resolved in your favor.

Click here to see how to file a dispute.