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File a dispute for a Contract

Majority of work done on iJobDesk goes smoothly for both parties, but it’s inevitable that an occasional dispute arise. We encourage both parties to solve the problems themselves.

Before you file a dispute, please consider the following:

  • The contract will be suspended automatically.
  • You should only file a dispute when working the matter out with your freelancer has failed.

Please contact the freelancer to ask them to delete the improperly-logged time from the Work Diary. If it is too late for the freelancer to edit the Work Diary, ask for a refund.

  • For a fixed-price contract, you should release funds in Escrow when you are 100% satisfied with the milestone deliverables. If you have a problem after funds are released, you can talk to your freelancer about a refund before you file a dispute.

If a contract has been ended, you have 14 days from the end of a contract to file a dispute.

To file a dispute for a contract:

  • Go to [Workroom]/[My Contracts], locate the contract and click the contract.
  • In [Overview] tab, you can find [File a Dispute] link.
  • Click the link, fill out the form and submit it.

iJobDesk sends your freelancer a notification of the dispute.

We encourage both parties to solve the problems themselves. If it is solved smoothly themselves, iJobDesk takes no action and the contract will be restarted.

If the freelancer rejects the dispute, it enters arbitration. In case the freelancer doesn’t respond within seven days, an iJobDesk Dispute Specialist refunds all disputed amount and end the dispute.

Both parties are required to add detailed information about the dispute, which the iJobDesk Dispute Specialist reviews and evaluates them. iJobDesk will carefully consider any information presented.

Your freelancer won’t have access to the funds until an iJobDesk Dispute Manager makes a decision on the case.

When a dispute is awarded in your favor, we credit the refund to your iJobDesk account.