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Give feedback to Freelancers

When you end a contract, you can leave feedback in the End Contract form. If the freelancer ended the contract, you’ll have 14 days to leave feedback. Both parties can leave feedback for a contract that the payments have been made through iJobDesk.

The feedback period is 14 days from the end of a contract. The feedback system is double-blind, which means that feedback won’t be visible until both parties provide it for each other. In case only one party leaves feedback, it will be posted after the 14-day period has expired.

To give feedback to your freelancer:

  • Go to the Contract Detail Page.
  • Click [End Contract] button and give feedback.

Read feedback from Freelancers

Your feedback that you received from freelancers show on every project you post to help freelancers evaluate you.

To see your feedback received:

  • Go to the Contract Detail Page
  • Click [Feedback] tab to see the feedback