About Us

Our Story.

iJobDesk is “A Dream come True” for those who have been looking for reliable and guaranteed freelance platform either to find jobs or to find freelancers.

We have used several freelancer platforms before to have our employees work remotely or to find right freelancers, and there were always, always some problems.

We often heard from our employees that their account had been suspended and failed to withdraw their balance, and we had to try to find out measures to solve the issues.

We also had to waste time and money because some freelancers found in the platform with beautiful and perfectly good career are actually not so much good enough to deliver good quality works in time.

From all these problems since 2008, we are strongly motivated to build the right freelance platform for our own sake as well as for others with same distress.

And yet we wish iJobDesk would be the best solution to provide right opportunities between jobs and freelancers as well as reliable remote working environment for better life in this world.


Our company

We have 3 divisions – Customer Service, Technology Service and Financial Department – all members of which are doing their best to provide better quality of service every day.


Our Mission

Right freelancers for right clients to save money as well as time!

We have been struggling to come out with better AI engine to provide reliable and robust remote working environment where the clients would easily find right freelancers, thus saving much efforts.


We Always Care

iJobDesk is taking the first step where our customers might find some inconveniences and disadvantages.

But we always care about our customers and have our mind fully open ready to fulfill your needs.

So please do not hesitate to share with us, your dream is just our goal to achieve!